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Welcome to the Epinhood (EH)

I am a Clinical Epidemiologist and Social Justice advocate transforming into a Social Epidemiologist and Epidemiologic Data Scientist. The problem is that Social Epidemiology is a bit esoteric for my taste and Epidemiological Data Science doesn’t officially exist yet so here is my conundrum.

Early in my career, in Haiti, I had many mentors including Dr. Paul Farmer (DPF). I dreamed that I could be like them one day, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. Today, I consider this to be one of my greatest assets, because although we need more DPFs, and Lord knows more doctors who are capable of caring for their patients.

I believe, what the world needs even more now are local superstars who can pull from the same vast canon of knowledge that DPF leverages exactly what a community or business or clinic or household needs to protect the vulnerable in their service area.

The first objective of this blog is to create that toolbox. Secondly, once I have sufficiently crafted a conducive ecosystem to effectively demonstrate my brand of ‘applied’ Social Epidemiology and Epidemiological Data Science I envision this blog could one day become a collaborative spot where visitors can join me on this journey.


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