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Using OpenEpi

Using OpenEpi

Using OpenEpi

In the Epinhood

   Point your browser to

    Choose a program, enter data or load demo data (if available), then click Calculate to see the results

Select all or part of the results by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Ctrl-C or Edit|Copy will copy to the clipboard

    Ctrl-V or Edit|Paste in another program, such as Word or Excel


Download the Entire Site to Your Desktop

    Choose Download from the menu

   Choose either the minimal system (<1 meg) or the entire site(about 5 meg.)

    Save the zip file or open it from the web

    Unzip and leave the files in the same relative directories

    Click on Index.htm, run it from the browser, or execute it from Start|run

    Create a desktop icon for future use, using (in Windows) right-click and Send to | Desktop


Choosing a Statistical Method

   If you are not sure which module to use or want further information, use the Choosing a Method entry on the menu

    Find the type of data you have and see what methods are appropriate

    Each cell in the table will perform an on-line search using when you click on the text


Entering Data

    In any application, choose Enter New Data to enter your own data or Load Demo Data for one of the samples described in the Exercises link

If asked, give the number of columns or rows needed

Use either the Enter or Tab keys, and the up and down arrow keys to move around. Movement is across the screen until the down-arrow is pressed, then vertically until the first mouse-click.

    To enter labels, variable names, or values, click on a cell and respond affirmatively to the message

Saving Results

    For Windows users, a special program called OpenEpiSave.hta is provided

    When you run OpenEpiSave.hta from your hard disk, it will bring up OpenEpiMenu in your browser

    The output of each program will be saved in the Results directory as an HTML file, and a notice will display briefly each time a file is saved


Checking with Other Programs

    When you get a dramatic result in OpenEpi (or any program), take the time to repeat the analysis in another program. There are hundreds of other calculators in a link on the menu, or use SAS, SPSS, or Epi Info.

    If the results differ, let us know.

    If the results do not differ, also let us know! We want to build the validation files.


Enjoy and Communicate

    We hope you enjoy using OpenEpi

    Send us feedback with suggestions, wishes, or problems

    If you would like to develop a program, check the developer’s section of the menu, and also send us an email

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